1. It’s too big
    You once needed lots of space, endless bedrooms  – a huge home to entertainsold_sign_400 in. Those days are over now, whether you’re an empty nester or just want a simpler life and a smaller tax bill. It’s time to go small, and first you must sell your too-big home.
  1. It’s too small
    Conversely, you’ve outgrown your home and it’s painfully obvious. There’s no room for guests, kids, pets or significant others, let alone all of your stuff. Whatever the size, your home needs to suit your life, so scale up when the time is right.
  1. School daze
    You may want to be in a different public school district, or closer to a certain private school for your children. If you’re the one going back to school, being close to your university is a huge help as you focus on your studies.
  1. Missing a “must-have”
    Is not having one of your “must-haves” making you insane? Do you come home every day and get upset that your kitchen is too small, or that you lack covered parking, or you want that million-dollar waterfront view you’ve been craving? Time to sell!
  1. Convenience
    If you’ve changed jobs and your house is no longer near your workplace, it may be worth moving closer to work to cut out a stressful commute. If everything else in your world is within a 5-square-mile bubble, maybe your home should be, too.
  1. Maintenance
    Are you sick and tired of yard work, cleaning your pool, etc.? Don’t want to be bothered anymore? There are several housing options that include monthly maintenance fees – and all the work is taken care of for you.
  1. Fixer-Upper
    If you have a passion for renovating homes and you’ve done all you can to your current place, it might be time to move on to a new project and make it your own.
  1. Time to make a profit
    Your home is worth much more now than when you bought it.  It’s time to make some money – whether you pocket the profits or use them to buy a bigger home, the choice is yours!

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